The Kick-Ass part of my bag for India

The Kick-Ass part of my bag for India

Here we go!

3rd trip to india is coming. In few hours i will take the airplane. I’ll go always on the Kalvarayan Hills, in Tamil Nadu, for exploring the beautiful culture there.

Regarding the photography, let’s write some phrases about what i will bring with me this time.

For documentary photography i’m used to travel light. In fact, i usually bring only my Fujifilm X-T2 combined with Fujinon XF18mmF2 R and XF50mmF2 R WR. With my camera, i bring an HSS compact Flash unit by Godox. It’s so much useful for lighting up the dark skin of indian people, or for creating dramatic shot during daylight.

But there is a news for this trip: i will bring my “big beast”, which is the Mamiya RB67. For who do not know, it’s an analog medium format camera.  The Fuji Velvia 100 will be, moreover, my film. The velvia is simply perfect for shooting photographs in India, thanks to its capability to give a wonderful color vibrancy back. I’ll be difficult shoot with a mamiya, but i’m really excited and curious to see what i will get.

The recorder, the Zoom H1 and my pen/notebook are a must. Never leave my country without. They are extremely useful for taking notes, written or audio. It’s impossible to remember everything for a long period of time. Recording means reporting, after time, objective and truthful stories.

Last but not least, my peluche, a good luck charm for me. The little husky has been gifted to me with love and he traveled as much as i did. Well…he has always done his dirty job that leaving without could be risky ;D

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