Speaking about cameras, the first two photographs, mouth and space, have been developed in digital with a Fujifilm X-T10 and postprocessed in Adobe Lightroom. All the rest, have been produced with a Mamiya RB67 and, as negative colour film, a Kodak Portra 160. After the develop, the film has been digitalized at 3200DPI with an Hasselblad Flextight X5 and slightly color corrected with Adobe Photoshop.

The light setting was formed by a Profoto strobe by 500w and a softbox Profoto RFI 3×4’ arranged perfectly above the model. In order to fill the shadow in the bottom side of the picture (legs /hip of the model) another Profoto 500w and a Beauty Dish with a honey grid has been used as shown in the picture.  Beauty dish with grid is usually used for other type of light setting, however it was the only light modifier available, so it has been used for lighting the bottom part of the picture, without disturbing the main light.

The effect of fog/water in the picture is given by the paper shown in the picture. It is a sort of translucent white plastic paper, usually used for softener the studio lights.

In the photograph called “pain” a third light strobe has been used, basically for lighting the white wall in the background of the studio.


The photograph “Peace” has been selected for printing and it has been exposed for the first time in the main room of Saimaa University of Applied Science, in Finland.

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