Stories and Projects

Stories and Projects

is about following curiosity, discovering, being open and learning

The Sustainable Socioeconomic Advancement of Malayalis

Photo Documentary, on assignment for "Please Sound" NGO, regarding the Sustainable Socioeconomic Advancement of Malayalis, local tribes located within Kalvarayan Hills, Tamil Nadu, India

Silentivm: the value of the silence

Silentivm is a photographic project regarding the conceptual topic of the silence and its meaning attribution. Through interviews and meaningful portraits, this photographic work tried to give a body to a complex topic difficult to circumscribe in well defined behavioural patterns.

Marsi’s Pastoralism: the rural Abruzzo of shepherds

Marsi’s Pastoralism is a short reportage about livestock workers in Marsica, a subregione of Abruzzo, Italy. Here, farming has always been a business attached to the local tradition.
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